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Distributors Wanted

Wanted serious distributors for aromatherapy jewelry.

We are manufacturers of exclusive aromatherapy jewelry. We are in the process of identifying country distributors. Please get in touch with us if your company has already an established distribution network. Our products are top quality and we are confident that they will be popular in your market.Please get in touch with us and present your company profile. We hope to establish a fruitful long-term relationship with your company. Please don't hesitate to contact with us by export#lubeads.com ( use @ instead of #)

As a fast-growing company, we have been looking for great partners to enlarge our business.
If you are one of the following people, please contact us.
1, You are wholesaler or distributor in local market;
2, You have online store or physical shop;
3, You are a creative designer.
If any interests, please feel free to contact us by email. export#lubeads.com.

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